Von Quellen Der Deome

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I have been a breeder under the kennel name "VON QUELLEN DER DEOME" since 1992. I have known the breed since 1986 and acquired my first rottweiler in 1988. Each year we devolve thousands of hours and kilometers to our passion for the total rottweiler.

My choice of kennel name comes from my childhood in Saint Sauveur en Rue, a small village in the Pilat region, where the Déome river starts to run. As to the choice of the German language, it is of course linked to the origins of the breed.

Numerous trips across Europe, particularly to Germany, have brought me much experience in the management of my kennel, as well as a very extensive knowledge of the various bloodlines, types, temperaments, and generally speaking, of all things that make the rottweiler a RELIABLE, SELF-ASSURED, ATHLETIC, RESILIENT, PROTECTIVE dog.

We endeavour to improve the breed within the standard, with a particular emphasis on a good relationship with our customers.

The choice of German stud dogs enables us to constantly have, in our dogs' pedigrees, the best bloodlines available in the breed's mother country.

For us, the German selection program is THE reference because of its rigour, the informations it provides, its honesty and courage, and above all, its results.

This is why you will find, in the first three generations of our breeding stock's pedigrees, such prestigious names as : vom Hause Neubrand, von Burgthann, von der Teufelsbrücke, vom Schwaiger Wappen, vom Grüntenblick, vom Brunnenweible,.....


1988 : I acquired my first rottweiler bitch DIANA DES GROTTES DE LA BALME, French Ringsport Brevet, TAN-TC-TU (French club temperament tests based on Ringsport). DIANA also won the CACS-CACIB in the French BS in 1990, as well as the CACS in the 1990 World Championships in Brno.

1990 : I acquired ENGIE DES GROTTES DE LA BALME, French Ringsport Brevet, French KS 1992.

1992 : our first litter with the German stud dog Doc von der Teufelsbrücke. Out of that litter, HASSAN, HEDCKO and HÏNDI all became multi-CACIB dogs and each passed the French club's lifetime breeding selection.

1994 : we acquired OLFA VOM MARKGRÄFLERLAND, French KS in 1993 and 1995, French Champion, International Champion, French lifetime breeding selection, Best in Show and triple French KS in 1995, 1996 and 1997, IPO 3.

Hindi and Olfa became the foundation for our kennel.

* Who we are :

Managing a kennel cannot be done singlehandedly. I would therefore like to extend my deepest thanks to various people who have been, are, and will be involved in the life of our kennel.


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